Jets Relative Acquisition Services

We identify key model aircraft best suited for your mission profile based on a thorough understanding of your requirements and needs. We host educational meetings to provide a solid understanding of performance, limitations, operational and ownership costs. 

Simply put, we assist and advise on all aspects of the acquisition. Whether you are a seasoned aircraft owner, or first-time buyer, our process is exemplified in the level of service we strive to provide. Knowing how to structure and execute a transaction is vital to your aircraft acquisition. 

Preliminary Scope.

Price Parameters


Interior Configuration Needs

Personal/Business itineraries

Performance Requirements

Identify Options & Execute.

After reviewing viable candidates, Jets Relative will negotiate proposals and coordinate communications with all necessary parties. Contacts may include Insurance Agents, Pilots, Escrow, Tax Consultants, Maintenance Facilities, Lenders and other essential entities associated with the transaction. 

Email, chat or call 941-586-5851 at anytime to discuss your sale.

” When you can’t buy time, buy a jet.”  – Jets Relative